August 11, 2012

The Times Without Words

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I have seen my husband cry exactly three times.  Today was the third.  The prayers went unanswered.  Perhaps what could not be changed in this life will be in the next.  I have always held that everything happens for a reason.  Through divorce, death…always I have believed it.  Today, in this moment and in the past hours as I have searched for what could possibly be a reason for such senseless pain and such fixable broken things I can not fathom even one.

Perhaps someday they will remember.  Perhaps someday there will be a voice that whispers in their dreams; a voice they’ve heard every day of their life, perhaps to nudge their conscience towards putting the hatred and fear to rest and be the men they were raised to be before life got in the way. Today of all days I should not believe it possible…but still…with all of me, for him and for them, I have hope.



  1. I’m so sorry for him and for you and for you kids. All we can do is be the best people WE can be so those we love will never feel the sorrow you’re feeling now because of us. Hang in there and know that everything does in fact happen for a reason…even if we cannot fathom what the reason could possibly be. I’m thinking of you.

    • You’re right…and that is, at least I believe it is based on what he’s told me, what the Mom that raised him the first 30 odd years of his life would want.

  2. Tim Williams said,

    So sorry for your loss Sean. Your Mom is in God’s hands. May God be with you and your family.


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