March 23, 2013

Why I Bother

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I’ve gotten a few messages this week asking why I feel the need to write about controversial issues.  The simple answer is because I have to, that’s why.

Allow me to explain.  If I had lived 160 years ago, I’d have written and spoken to whomever I could about the need to abolish slavery.  If it had been 100 years ago I would have likely been called a suffragist.  Put me in Germany in the late twenties and early thirties and I would have decried the prejudice and hate that permeated a country and almost took down a continent…the same hate that murdered millions.  In the sixties in America I’d have written to my local paper and pleaded the injustice of segregation and racial prejudice.  At least I’d like to think I would.  I have to believe I could.  I cannot for a moment allow myself to believe that in any of these circumstances I could have sat idly by, waiting for the world to work itself out.  The only way for me to know that I would have made those decisions, controversial in their time and right through my eyes and those of history, is to do what is right today, to stand up to the prejudice, hatred, fear and the violation of the rights of other people.

I do know that in the grand scheme of things my little blog and my comments to papers and friends are rather inconsequential.

But…and this is why I persist…a great man said that one man (or woman) can change the world.  While I am certainly not in the world-changer league, a few thousand or hundred thousand men and women like me reaching a few hundred more, day after day…that is not inconsequential.  I am a very small part of a very large group.   I can do is this, and so I have to do this.  I do it for every family that is devalued under our current laws.  I do it for every woman who has lived in fear.  I do it for each person who struggles and every heart that has broken because of another’s beliefs.  I do it because I’m human, I do it for myself, because this blog is about my thoughts, my struggles, my questions and my way.  And in answering this I have a question, why don’t you?


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